The Famous and Delicious DWR Cowboy Cookie

Note: Due to popular demand, we're re-posting this famous recipe which we posted originally last January! Today, we're going to discuss a very serious Drowsy Water Ranch topic.It's something that Drowsy Water Ranch guests go home talking about and something that the staff worships. It's big. Really big. It's round, it's crunchy and gooey, it's full of chocolate, and, a few hours into an all-day trip atop your trusty, four-hoofed steed, it's all you can think about. Those of you that have been a guest with us or have worked with us know what I'm referring to: The Famous and Delicious Drowsy Water Ranch [...]

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Cabin Fever RX: Carrot Cake at Drowsy Water Ranch

The long winter starts getting to me right about now every year. I start getting sick of layering up sweaters and socks to go outside. I start wishing for beaches and sunshine and little paper umbrellas floating in cool, brightly colored drinks. Lucky for me, we have the perfect prescription here at Drowsy Water Ranch. We share this little secret with our family and friends each summer at our Colorado Dude Ranch. It cures my dreams of islands and my addiction to saltwater. I'm going to share our cure with you; I'm going to show you how we make our mouth-watering carrot cake. And, [...]

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